Personnel and Organisation Service

The Personnel and Organisation (P&O) Support Service is tasked with defining a modern HR policy.

The P&O Support Service:

  • ensures that FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister is staffed by competent employees: recruitment, evaluations, promotions, salaries, employee motivation, personal development, improvement of working conditions and internal communication.
  • develops all the necessary structures for the public service to run smoothly: staffing plan, linguistic framework, and regulations.
  • ensures the administrative management of staff files for the Chancellery, the Prime Minister's policy unit, the secretariat of the Management Committee and the basic Consultation Committee.

Attracting competent staff

P&O and line management have worked closely with Selor to make selection process more professional: they have drawn up job descriptions and developed efficient selection methods.

Changing jobs within the organisation

P&O shares some vacancies with the organisation's own employees first, enabling staff members to reorient their careers in a familiar setting. Besides, internal mobility fosters inter-departmental cooperation and helps employees to meet new colleagues.

Working from home

The Chancellery enables its employees to work at home some of the time to help them strike a better balance between their professional and private lives.

Internal communication

The Chancellery keeps its employees up to date with life inside the FPS: major projects in the pipeline, new developments, events, and so on.